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7 qualities of top business architects

A good and appreciated business architect is very customer-driven, excel at finding value for his organization and customers, communicates well both with businessmen and IT personnel, is not an enterprise & business architecture model freak, knows measurement techniques inside out, meets his organization’s objectives and is finally involved with the delivery of road maps.

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The place of business architecture within enterprise architecture

To succeed, an organization and its CIO(s) need to focus more resources in building and communicating Business Architecture change maps that will involve not just enterprise architects, but also business executives, business architects and obviously, the CIO(s). The fact that the Open Group, the OMG and the Business Architecture Guild® among others are working more and more together is positively impacting the reconciliation of both the Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture practices allowing enterprise architects and business architects to work in better harmony to the advantage of their organizations.

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Supporting the CIO, changes, challenges and the role of business architecture 

Many C-Level executives are now facing a situation where the ‘traditional’ aspects of their role are being reshaped, or in some cases undergoing wholesale changes. From a CIO perspective, one of the fundamental challenges being faced is that the business is going direct to vendors to procure technology solutions for their business. A Logicalis survey reported recently that 31% of CIOs were bypassed on numerous occasions in technology purchases and over 90% were bypassed at least some of the time(1). So how can a CIO maintain their influence in today’s businesses?

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Leveraging Enterprise Architecture for digital transformation 

Although IT modernization is top of mind for government IT professionals, many agencies feel too bogged down to deploy innovative technologies. Faced with legacy systems consuming operating budgets and a lack of visibility across enterprise computing and networking assets, it’s increasingly difficult to meet changing organizational demands. But some agencies are taking a practical first step by gaining a clear view of their complete current IT infrastructure -- identifying what’s installed, what’s not, what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing.

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Optimise business performance in a rapidly changing environment

In this article, we take a detailed look at how our affiliates Applied Business Architecture course can help improve business performance and align capabilities with business goals in a rapidly changing environment.

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The emerging role of business architects in 2017

The emerging role of business architects in 2017 will be to encourage organizations to “be good” versus “look good.”

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