The Enterprise Architect role

By now we all know that the Enterprise Architect Role is imperative to a forward thinking enterprise.  Enterprise Architect Job Requirements are inherently complex by nature, look different from company to company, and is often confusing for the rest of the organisation to pinpoint their relevance and goals.

For those aspiring to successfully dominate enterprise architect jobs, you should know that your road to accomplishing goals will be demanding. To help obtain Enterprise Architect Jobs in Australia, here are 3 practical tips on how to get in the field.

For passing the TOGAF exam this course is definitely a must do as the practical scenarios laid out in the class makes it easy to do the scenarios in the exam.


The type of person you should be

When looking at the people successfully filling the Enterprise Architect Contract Jobs, three attributes epitomise. They love technology with a passion, are highly analytical and are a leader. The third is non-negotiable as technology decisions rest with you and for this reason along there won't be many Enterprise Architects in one company. All these credentials point to a confident person with robust opinions, who is not afraid to push for innovative solutions that will support business growth.

There are a number of paths that lead to the Job Enterprise Architect. A system administrator's role, programming, networking or security jobs all make good starting points. Ideally an aspiring infrastructure architect should have a working knowledge of all of these areas. Many people typically move on to work in supervisory or junior management. It’s important to be vendor-neutral and not have a strong bias towards any particular technology platform.


The recommended professional qualifications to gain

The Enterprise Architecture Recruitment process can be tough. Many organisations now require TOGAF Certification as a prerequisite for the role. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a tool for assisting the acceptance, production use, and maintenance of enterprise architectures. You can view more on TOGAF certification at our Training Partners website.


Looking for Enterprise Architects jobs in Australia

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