IT Architect Jobs

IT Architect Jobs include working for companies and organisations to maintain computer networks. People who work in Architecture IT jobs typically need to have a bachelor's degree in order to gain employment, though some employers prefer those with a master's degree or certification. IT Architect Jobs may also require additional certification, such as TOGAF certification.

IT Architecture jobs can be listed as permanent or contract roles. IT Architect Contact Jobs typically run from a 3 month engagement to an 18 month engagement. IT Architect contract jobs are a great way to make connections in the industry.

Architecture IT Jobs usually involve using computer design software to model and test networks, adding new hubs, changing routers or making other modifications to existing networks. Architecture IT Jobs may also include conducting computer support personnel evaluations and coordinating future direction on technical issues, such as obsolete software.

Duties and responsibilities

An IT Architect Job Description can vary greatly from role to role and company to company. However the below is a sample IT Architect Job Description that outlines some of the duties and responsibilities required by some IT Architect Jobs.  

Similar to an IT Architect Job Description a Chief IT Architect Job Description can vary greatly from role to role and company to company. Some of the responsibilities that may be included in a Chief IT Architect Job Description include being responsible for the IT infrastructure of an organisation. A Chief IT Architect leads the development and delivery of strategic technology solutions that fit the business' needs. Additionally, they are responsible for reviewing, analysing, and evaluating business systems and user needs. Chief IT architects work closely with a variety of product and business owners to help understand and clarify business requirements. Additionally, they collaborate with other teams and architects in their organisation. Another responsibility of theirs is helping guide technology investments at many different levels in an organisation.

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