Why you need specialist architectural recruitment agencies

As one of very few specialist recruitment agencies we understand that having an expert IT Architecture recruitment specialist will help shape the future growth of your business. However unlike other architectural recruitment agencies that diversify their focus, our sole focus is on business design, IT architecture and solution design contract and permanent positions. As a Specialist Architectural Recruitment Agency, what sets us apart is our unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience and industry relationships.

As an IT Architecture Recruitment Agency we are frequently called upon to recruit for highly skilled technology based engagements where companies have been unable to source the correct skills using other agencies or internal resources.

So why should you use Specialist IT Recruitment Agencies:

Time saving for both parties

A specialist IT recruitment agencies have specific industry knowledge. As a specialist IT recruitment agency we are able to look at the job, look at a candidate's CV and instantly recognise whether their skills are relative to what the company is looking for.

Specialists are Experts

As an agency that has been recruiting in a certain field over a long period of time, we have seen every different position offered by the industry. We are the bona fide experts in the field and the best people who in the best position to help and advise companies and employees.

Rigorous Screening Process

As a niche IT Architecture Recruitment Agency we are able to go that little bit further with the screening process because of our vast knowledge in and about the industry. We are able to use advance tests and skill reports to whittle down the sea of candidates to the few who may really be made for the job.

Unique Opportunities

EA People have a long history in the Architecture industry. Over time we have built up contacts over the years and have access to a range of potential applicants who are not reachable by the general public.

If you are looking to fill a specialist role, please get in contact with us